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Ask me I wont say no how could I?
Hello Dave... █


teacup human
*aroused sobbing*
Mind Palace
*Silent Screaming into the Void*
Damn son
half-sick of shadows

i did a good thing
That Bayntonette
hell yes nerdy couture
( ° ͜ʖ° )
An English Nerd...
This is not the blog you're looking for.
probably not the one you expected
What can I say?

i'm sure you won't murder this song, bill.
You know how life can be, it changes over night.
I Prefer Sins of Omission to Outright Lies
A thousand times I've tempted fate
Weird Vintage
Xenia Warrior Princess
Clients From Hell
☼ Here Comes The Sun ☼

miss nicola
Everything's Coming Up Roses
i want blood, guts and angel cake
mouthy posh bird.
Bruschetta McCorkadale
i remember punk rock
FY Springfield
are u a cop
it's going to fondle major seedflap
bummers are deaf
Come Be My Pretend Husband
You should smile more often
i'm sorry that i'm both your umbrella and the rain
How you doin'?
Once More Unto the Breach
Always Be You
Hello there
You Know You're British When...
Rumpled Who on Mars
Send For The Cavalry
did they fall in love?
Stories From Zamonia

My Life is Pointless
Samantha Graham
Catch Me As I Fall...
as in mancy
John Simm is a koala
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Blog
Queen of the Bisexuals
Richard Armitage Mania
All the animals come out at night
cause i kill
Pointless Letters
A Tiny Little Bit Eccentricated
I'm sorry if I alarmed you
Life Lines and Suicide Crimes
Charlie, défends-moi...
Alex The Flippin' Awesome Evil Genius
A Football Report
I like your hairs
i only act like i know everything
a clusterfuck of nonsense
Hang the DJ
Hooked On A Feeling
poor unfortunate souls

Everything Scenic
Oh the mighty arms of Atlas
Someday just began
it was her or the elephant man
Three Thousand Worlds
hoo hoo
Creme Freiche
you haven't even seen me fight yet
"Literally Unbelievable"
Author, Mother, Traveler
just an evolved ape
Make the best of this test

Colours, Sounds and Shapes
Un Monstre
The Logical Tribble
Fuck Yeah Janeites!
the fella over there with the hella good hair.
TL;DR Wikipedia
ól, ceol agus craic
Walford's Finest
The one blog to rule them all
into the woods you go again
a fair amount of failures
lack of a better name
Lionel messi & xavi Hernandez
I love you always. Time is nothing.
Ray of Sunshine
Four hours to bury a cat?
So Many Fandoms

how about a little werewolf strength?
Hello, Junior Gazette!
and we can slide away
the tale of guilty susie
I've got huge parasites !
Official Doctor Who Tumblr
Love Becomes a Foreign Substance
Little purpose, little consequence
Town Blur
A Day In The Life
you're good but be better
I live alone in a tree.
freedom is a length of rope;
Fuck Yeah Mark Gatiss
Don't you forget about me.
Sneh, Meh and All of the Things
born howling
My Jimmy Snapped
The mirror crack'd from side to side
Waiting So Long
take to the skies
clueing for looks
trash anime blog
Emma's Stamp of Approval
Just an innocent crotch cloth
Roarton Vasey
Just the two of us against the rest of the world.
destroys my days and haunts my nights
doctor who dedicated blog
Right 'appy
get out of nut world
strawberry swing
fuckity bye
Great minds think alike.
You're the one I want to go through time with
clever man, morse.
The Sum of My Memories
Growing Strong
To begin with, take warning.
Out of the ash I rise with my red hair
all that jazz
This is what I like
Denim Wrapped Nightmare
Footy Players
nobody's little weasel
I love British TV
i make my own destiny
A virtual smorgasbord of a blog
tea & fuckery
timelord caps
the paris of people.
A big ball of wibly woobly timey wimey...stuff

Laurie James
I don't go looking. I must be found.
This is a blog.
Fields In Ireland
Guinea Piggies
Electric Friend
The Alternate Universe
Unfunny girl
Team Not-Dead
Audrey Horne
Your Sunshine Soul
Life Fucked Us Up
And the Moon is a Blind Eye
gold dust woman
I was afraid I'd eat your brains
R I P Peanuts & Eddy
Heir to Winterfell
Sure. Fine. Whatever.
i get my back into my living
Seek a North West passage
The Daily Bunny
The Daily Otter
I am a fickle, fickle human being

Double helix and honeycomb
shockingly rude
I Seem To Have Lost My Strange
Howard Hughes In Blue Suede Shoes
Perhaps fuck off might be too kind...
i don't have a skull
Quiet hours
Hitchhiking on the tardis
Game of Thrones
revolutions on a rainy day
i can't make reality connect
Kick start my rock 'n' rollen heart.
tell me wheres your hiding place
Show Me Your Tie
wreak my evil doings/make friends and relax
don't think about the consequences
Jim. 24. Half Scottish...
It's just a ride.

A place to ponder
Lozy Catt
Lonely Chairs at CERN
Kindred Spirits and Good Omens
Genuinely Self-Centered and Deeply Shallow
rebel xx waltz
Starkid who Loki'd Hogwarts.
nothing happens to me
david lochary forever
Geeks are Gods.
& in the sickness, you have faith
dad skills
You be him, and I'll be her
Duck o' Death
Team Love & Stuff
It kicks like a sleep twitch!
☆up the bracket☆
Wi nøt trei a høliday in Sweden this yër?
And all tomorrows in my funnybone
Good Morning Kitten
the climb is all there is
I think I left my riding crop in Asgard
Park your TARDIS in my 221B
Take a smile. (they're free)
What's your damage?
Okimi's non specific stuff I like
we're the afterlife
Mmm... The Simpsons
pass it on, boys
In this house...
A is for Austen
Rugby ...
Anthea's Blackberry
cometh the hour cometh the geek
Devil take the hindmost.
Cute and spooky.
So yeah!
Ideas are bulletproof
Hello Sweetie, and welcome to my blog
i make my own destiny
A Guide To Deduction
Even when I had nothing, I had Bucky
Long Voice of Water
His name is better than yours
answer that and stay fashionable
Early Morning In The Universe
I don't even know
This is my universe.
Lions and Shadows
lol on ur mom
Squirrels, Violence, And Corruption
the artist formerly known as 'stathatwoh'
Damsel in a Dress
Totally Gazeboed
Comme-ci, comme-ça
He who cannot dance says the dancefloor is uneven
Freya Beans
💕Brianna Lillian💕
someday we may see a woman king
The Doctor's Quarters
it only ends once.
mom said rock it til the break of dawn
don't give me that french shit
I'm the spark that lit your fire, sweetheart
Magical Misery Tour
strange things will happen
Trust me I'm the Doctor