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Ask me I wont say no how could I?
Hello Dave... █


poor unfortunate souls
A Shyness That Is Criminally Vulgar
I am a fickle, fickle human being
Great minds think alike.
fantasy dick
i think mat is cool and nice
Putting entries into my Rolodex of Hate
the world is your erster
Send For The Cavalry
An English Nerd...
get out of nut world

Jiggle Physics
Teas And Otps
running to stand still
Not An Articulate Teenager
The League are my Gentlemen
a clusterfuck of nonsense
Someday just began

Double helix and honeycomb
Galaxies full of nobodies
Make the best of this test
cut the check!
The Whispers of Fear
Hello there
This is the way, step inside.
how about a little werewolf strength?
Creme Freiche
big dipster
you haven't even seen me fight yet

and another thing
I Seem To Have Lost My Strange
Seek a North West passage
destroys my days and haunts my nights
I am Spocktapus
blog; eat; sleep; repeat;
miss nicola
I am the Earth Mother, and you are all flops
Come Be My Pretend Husband
I don't even know
❤ To Want It Is To Have It ❤
Life Fucked Us Up
i get my back into my living
ól, ceol agus craic
Take a smile. (they're free)
Sesame Street
This is a blog.
A Tiny Little Bit Eccentricated
Sneh, Meh and All of the Things
Aw, man. I shot Marvin in the face.
EnigmaticPenguin (of death)
i heard the piledriver waltz
Show Me Your Tie
half-sick of shadows
i'm sorry that i'm both your umbrella and the rain
You should smile more often
The one blog to rule them all
A virtual smorgasbord of a blog
I'll go with you
i'm sure you won't murder this song, bill.
I Prefer Sins of Omission to Outright Lies
Howard Hughes In Blue Suede Shoes
a fair amount of failures
*Cosas* Fangirl
Just Keep Smiling
Emma's Stamp of Approval
It Kicks like a sleep twitch!
Who wants to go and watch Bollockvision?
Ears, Sideburns, Chin&Eyebrows
Falling never hurts but landing does
Queen of the Bisexuals
We escalating up in this bitch like elevators
I'm sorry if I alarmed you
Anthea's Blackberry
There's More Under My Hat.....
I'm an A-Hole but not 100% a dick
Bryan Emo
How you doin'?
all John Simm, all the time.
cometh the hour cometh the geek
☼ Here Comes The Sun ☼
i make my own destiny
in a land of myth
well a double dumbass on you
praise the lorde
Electric Friend
The 10th Kingdom fanblog
British and Irish Comedy
clever man, morse.
don’t put the gas away yet
I live alone in a tree.
Fuck Yeah Mark Gatiss
Don't you forget about me.
I just can't fight this feeling anymore !!

I set all my regrets on fire
The wasteland isn't just for the teenaged
mom said rock it til the break of dawn
John Green's tumblr
Land of Coffee and Insanity
Waiting So Long
Diary of a telephile
Is It Friday Yet???
Guardian Music
Milk Duds
three people and a fuckload of quiche
Something should go here...
On One Bedraggled Ghost of a Sonnet
the climb is all there is
timelord caps
Be cool
What's your damage?
Clients From Hell
The Swinging Sixties
My Jimmy Snapped
A Day In The Life
Welcome to my head.
doctor who dedicated blog
Misanthropic ramblings of a backbedroom casualty
clueing for looks

Worst curse Imaginable.
I love British TV
Kindred Spirits and Good Omens
Little Baby Nothing.
potion approaching
revolutions on a rainy day
Roarton Vasey
This is not the blog you're looking for.
Samantha Graham
Hello, Junior Gazette!
Charlie Plimsolls
carried in the arms of cheerleaders
I Need Time To Stay Useless
You know how life can be, it changes over night.
Phil's on crack
The FUCKING Vowels
Eurydice's tumblr.
You're the one I want to go through time with
wreak my evil doings/make friends and relax
mouthy posh bird.
bummers are deaf
nobody's little weasel
The Alternate Universe
Welcome to krikky world
Ray of Sunshine
did they fall in love?
Dead, Alive or Canadian
we don't want your fucking love
the paris of people.
Fuck Yeah Janeites!
The Nifty Fifties
nothing happens to me
A big ball of wibly woobly timey wimey...stuff
( ° ͜ʖ° )
Guinea Piggies
it's going to fondle major seedflap
дьявола отклони
The Daily Bunny
The Daily Otter

occasional art
I'm lord of all darkness, I'm queen of the night
you wanted more than I was worth
It is a truth universally acknowledged...
Random Panda
Heir to Winterfell
Amy Snow's Tumblr
And all tomorrows in my funnybone
fuck yeah british comedy
half dust, half deity
love had been his tutor

Hang the DJ
And the Moon is a Blind Eye
Stuff about things
you are the universe in ecstatic motion
i'm what time and consequence have made me.
take to the skies
orchestra, play something sad.

Perhaps fuck off might be too kind...
Everything's Coming Up Roses
i don't have a skull
Audrey Horne
Hooked On A Feeling
hell yes the bloody british isles!
Footy Players
the story can resume
John Simm is a koala
Dean Tavalouris
Hitchhiking on the tardis
the future is dark. the dvd is yellow.
Double Fantasy
rebel xx waltz
Lozy Catt
Duck o' Death
Kick start my rock 'n' rollen heart.
Per Aspera Ad Astra
Quiet hours
Dave's Blog
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Blog
hell yes nerdy couture
teacup human
Game of Thrones
i did a good thing
swears with a good grace
Batley Townswomen Guild presents...
& in the sickness, you have faith
Pointless Letters
Did you miss me?
The mirror crack'd from side to side
Good Morning Kitten
print("Hello World")
Genuinely Self-Centered and Deeply Shallow
J'aime Paris sous la pluie.
The Sum of My Memories
my past is none of your business.
Gene no. Gene YES

A place to ponder
Unfunny girl
Ryan The Hot Guy

I think I left my riding crop in Asgard
Catch Me As I Fall...
Starkid who Loki'd Hogwarts.
Just the two of us against the rest of the world.
Love Becomes a Foreign Substance
I'm just obsessed okay?
Fell in a TV, never returned.....
Denim Wrapped Nightmare
oddly romantic
To begin with, take warning.
Ideas are bulletproof
Totally Gazeboed

*aroused sobbing*
hello my name is fabulous
Four hours to bury a cat?
Stories From Zamonia

the black pearl
What can I say?
tea & fuckery
The Inexplicable Alison Carter
Party Goatz
born howling
Squirrels, Violence, And Corruption
pass it on, boys
I can't believe it's not blog
Fluorescent Adolescent
I love it when a plan comes together